At Easy School of Languages, we are passionate about helping you gain more confidence with using the English language. We will make sure you have an enjoyable stay in Malta, learning English in a friendly and safe environment.

Adult Courses

Easy School of Languages has developed a range of quality programmes to address your specific English needs, to enhance your professional development and to unlock new career opportunities, as you master the global language. Read more

Junior Courses

Learning can be fun.  Our courses are designed to encourage your child to learn new things and also to give them the opportunity to practise what they have learnt in the classroom. At Easy School of Languages, your children will improve their English language skills, develop their characters and forge new friendships with other children from all over the world. Read more

Teacher Training

Succeed in your teaching career with us.  Easy School of Languages offers an excellent and wide range of English teacher training and development courses, catering for the level of experience which you currently have, as well as for new entrants. Read more

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The School

Set in the heart of Valletta, Malta’s capital city, the school provides a friendly, yet professional, environment conducive both to individual attention and group interaction.  Thousands of students have already succeeded in learning English at our school.

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Premises & Facilities

We have invested in cutting edge technology to make your learning experience unique.  Our modern and new school has the state-of-the art equipment, with the latest language learning software installed.  Wi-Fi is available everywhere.

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Why Valletta?

Valletta is Malta’s capital city, a city steeped in history, yet enjoying a modern day vibrancy which renders it unique. A step outside the doors of our school gives you the opportunity to practise what you have learnt in a charming and helpful environment.

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Your safety and comfort during your stay are important to us. For that end, we Easy School of Languages have developed a range of accommodation options to suit your tastes and budget.  Once you communicate your requirements to us, we will make it our priority to match what we offer with your needs.

Shared Self-Catering Apartments

Easy School of Languages offers a number of shared self-catering apartments for rent which are situated conveniently close to the school by public transport.  In these apartments, the learning experience is extended by the possibilities offered when sharing with other students. Read more

Studio Apartments

If you prefer a more private stay, Easy School of Languages also offers  a number of studio apartments for single occupancy, also quite close to the school. Read more

Host Families

Easy School of Languages has a list of trusted families who have participated in our programmes for a number of years. In this way, you do not only get to enjoy traditional Maltese hospitality inside homes, but also get even more opportunities to hone your newly acquired English language skills with host families who have been screened by the school, and who have experience in hosting other students like you. Read more

Weather in Malta

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Booking Request

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Our Prices

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Latest news from EasySL

Junior Programme in full swing
July 25, 2016  /  By easysl_editor in Blog, News

The junior programme has been gathering a steady momentum for the past 4 weeks and is now in full swing.

Students are sporting a healthy tan, freckles are more pronounced, eyes are full of the verve of youth, sun lotions are being emptied at the speed of light, the past perfect is being used when it should be used and not on a whim, the third conditional can also be heard occasionally,  new friendships are being forged everyday and language barriers crossed and broken. Students have also complained that they have put on an extra kilo or two but this, after all, was to be expected as this is  what gorging yourself on a Mediterranean diet and wrapping your tongue around Algida ice-creams all day while inhaling the salty summer breeze does to you.  Our students have also taken enough selfies to last a lifetime… and more importantly,  they have made memories to last a lifetime. This is what the junior programme is all about.

Our dedicated team of group leaders is working round the clock to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all our students be they at a host family or in one of our residences.

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I want to speak English, but…
July 20, 2016  /  By easysl_editor in Blog, News

Speaking English is a wish that all English language students have, but, more often than not, fear overcomes the motivation to speak a foreign language. An essential part of learning a foreign language is to finally communicate with it and put this skill into practice.

Building confidence in students is an important part of teaching. Making learners feel comfortable in class as well as motivated to practise the language they are learning is crucial. Imagine a concrete wall in front of you that does not allow you to move in any direction. This is how students perceive speaking most of the times.

Teachers need to show confidence themselves. Automatically, in the classroom, teachers become role models to their students, a go-­to person when such issues creep in. Being approachable and ready to listen to encourage the learner is important. The aim is to establish good rapport between teacher and learner. This helps immensely to break down the wall step­-by-­step.

Students need to be praised. Remember the days when our teachers gave us stars for good homework or an acknowledgement for a job well done. This is what students need to boost up their confidence level. The learning process is not just getting the correct verb tense or overthinking word order in sentences while struggling to remember a particular word. This journey needs to get students to a point were the language is used to communicate with others, to study or get a better job and mostly travel. Learning a language is not just grammar, and possibly, this may well be one of the bricks in the ‘I want to speak English, but’ wall that students need to break down.

At Easy School of Languages we motivate our students to learn in a friendly environment.

Moreover our Teacher Development Courses prepare teachers on how to engage our students better.


Marija Vella – EFL Teacher

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Special offer on apartments
April 21, 2016  /  By easysl_editor in News

Book any English course of minimum 6 weeks and accommodation in a shared self-catering apartment in a sharing room and get 1 week accommodation for free.

Book any English course of minimum 12 weeks and accommodation in a shared self-catering apartment in a sharing room and get 2 week accommodation for free.

The offer is valid for bookings confirmed by 31st May 2016.

Contact us

+356 2122 5505 – info@easysl.com

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General English and 1st Level Sommelier Course
March 7, 2016  /  By easysl_editor in News

Easy school of Languages has partnered up with CLUB MALTA ASSOCIAZIONE ITALIANA
SOMMELIER (Italian Sommelier Association) to offer the General English and 1st Level Sommelier Course.

The course will be held in Valletta over a period of 2 weeks (Sunday to Sunday) .

Click here to find out more.

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